Ghost girls

Today I managed to get a day off work, so Christie and I went thrifting! Of course.

First on the agenda was checking out our friend Timmy's amazing new tattoo. Then straight to the opshops!
We decided against these:

But did get some amazing stuff, including this sweater:

The reason I look so deliriously happy is because I have wanted this since I was fifteen! I saw it on the Forever 21 website many years ago and was so madly in love with it, but resigned myself to never owning it. I cannot believe it traveled across the globe to finally become mine! It's fate.

Christie wore a thrifted dress, bag from a market, Le Specs sunglasses, her nanna's belt and Chuck Taylors. Plus the usual crystal jewelry!

I wore a thrifted dress and belt, and UO sunglasses and shoes.

We were hot after all our amazing bargains, so cooled ourselves with ghostly gelato. A wonderful day had by all.


  1. Holy wow Georgia! I can't believe you found that jumper! That is total fate. I can remember when we used to post our ~forever 21 wishlists~ 3 or 4 years ago and I can remember you wanting that jumper exactly! It was meant to be yours.


  2. Paige you were the first person I thought of when I saw it! I cannot BELIEVE I found it! Seriously insane. I know F21 is mass produced crap and there are probably a million girls with this jumper but something about it traversing the earth and ending up on a rack in front of me is just amazing. I'm going to wear the hell out of it too.

  3. oh wow! i'm so glad you found the sweater... clearly it was meant to be! that op shop looks amazing... so f*cking spacious! the ones here are cramped with sketchy changing rooms.

  4. Both of the dresses you two are wearing are stunning and the last photo should be the photo of the blog.


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