I wrote a big post and took photos but now it seems yet another card reader has crapped out, so no proper post until I can muster up the courage to buy another. 

For now here is an example of the searches that bring people to this blog. Hahahahaha.


  1. Fark! Hilarious!
    The card reader crapping out is bollocks,though.

  2. LOLOLOL! I love seeing what searches bring people my way.. So funny.

    Just caught up on the hairy teen post - you're terrific! Love it.

  3. Your blog is amazing. & I wish I came here from that search!

  4. Hello - Yes it was me you saw at film society, my friend Matt and I TRY and go every week. Although sometimes life gets in the way, do come and say hi next time you see me about!

    Would be super rad to meet some other bloggers in Wellington - I've met a blog friend in Singapore but none in Wellington (weird!)

    Also - as Helga said - FARK! Hilarious!!


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