Sunday afternoon

70s chiffon dress - my childhood dress up box
suede platform boots - Trade Me
70s faux fur coat - a gift
wide brim hat - retail
dreamcatcher necklace - retail (it was $1!)
belt - thrifted

I wore this outfit yesterday to a little outdoor concert in Rangiora. The dress-up theme was 70s (and I would never miss the chance to dress up in a 70s-era outfit) so I put on one of my favourite dresses and donned my platform boots. Any excuse to dress like Stevie Nicks and I'm there!

These are the most amazing boots ever. Every time I put them on I remember just how fantastic they are! I paid only $25 for them on Trade Me, and they were in perfect condition, as if they'd hardly been worn!
So in love. They make me so much taller too!


  1. Cool look!


  2. Those boots are made of awesomeness and I wish I had a dress like that! What a gorgeous print and colors!

  3. I would die happy in this outfit. Beautiful!

  4. What a lovely dress <3 the boots sound like a bargain too xx

  5. I love loveeee the boots-want some like that so much at the moment! Great coat too :D


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