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So I'm moving to Wellington in two days, which means I've quit both my jobs and have a lot of free time, in which I should be packing up my entire life. But instead, I'm doing fun things like dragging my brother out to Rangiora to go visit Warren and Vanessa at Two Squirrels for the last time ever.

Their pop-up nest is closing in a fortnight and they're moving their vintage trade online, so it was pretty heartbreaking to visit for the last time. I've been buying from them for 6 or so years, and my first ever proper vintage garment came from them- a pale green paisley shift dress that I bought for myself for Christmas when I was 13. I still wear it on a regular basis. I'm definitely gonna miss being about to visit them at the various incarnations of their shops, but I know I'll be buying from their online store on a very regular basis, and I'm sure they can bring the magic of their personal brand of vintage into the realm of the internet. Most of my favourite garments from my wardrobe come from Tete-a-Tete (their first shop) or Two Squirrels, including this amazing 1950s swimsuit that I wore in a photoshoot with Ruby-Rose in 2008!

This adorable dress I picked up on Saturday is no exception. It's 100% silk, by Rosina Lee, with the most amazing layered collar and pintucked detailing. It makes me feel like an Edwardian child, although without a belt it makes me look like a sack of boobs. Unfortunately a lot of this adorable detail was hidden under my little Clever Nettle coat, as today was rather chilly. Another awesome thing I can do with all this new-found free time is hang out with my best friends and say farewell for now. S0 today Ruby-Rose and I went on a good old-fashioned adventure, which for us means ludicrously impractical clothing and carting around way too many cameras to various trespassed locations. We also indulged in some chips in the earthquake-battered port of Lyttelton, although the seagulls seemed more into them than we were.

(Wearing a Two Squirrels Vintage dress, thrifted belt, Clever Nettle coat, DIY necklace, Goldenponies shoes and DIY flower hairclip. All photos of me by Ruby-Rose Ross)

Like my necklace? It's one of my mum's teeth. I've found tonnes of awesome junk while cleaning out our family home, and this is no exception. I bleached it for a couple of days to make it super white, then glued on a sterling bail and put it on a long sterling pendant chain. I think it bridges the gap between creepy and stylish quite nicely.

I guess this is the last post I'll ever make from Christchurch! Goodbye quake city, see you later maybe.


  1. Awesome photos!! :) all the best for your move to Wellington, hope it all goes smoothly :) look forward to seeing some of your adventures up there!



  2. Yeah for new beginnings!!!!! I love your tooth necklace!

  3. Beautiful dresses! Oh you are going to love Wellington! I lived there for nearly 3 years and had the time of my life! When I moved down I had been living in Germany for a couple of years, came back to Auckland, decided I didn't want to stay there and two weeks later I was sitting at Fidels cafe not knowing a single person and wondering where on an earth I was going to live! But in the space of a week I met some of the most amazing people and everything fell into place :)

  4. Hey Georgia, Natalie here from Miette Vintage New Zealand shop and A Lesson In Whimsy blog. I'm heading down to Wellington from the 9th until the 14th of Febuary for Jemposium and wondered if you wanted to meet up for a coffee and an op shop or something? Anyway, let me know =) Look forward to hearing back! x

  5. um okay so this photo: http://i1180.photobucket.com/albums/x407/georgianess1/_DSC3670.jpg
    and those bird ones. AMAZING. SERIOUSLY.

  6. Hey sweet, it was just so so lovely to have you come to the nest and buy that beautiful dress. It really is the end of an era, wow.
    We wish all the happiness and fun filled experiences possible in Wellington.
    Thank you
    Love V&W

  7. May Wellington be kind to you! I hope you can add your flavour to that groovy city.

  8. i have cousins near wellington in New Zealand I think, good luck with the move! your photos are amazing, the dress is so elegant and your hair is so ultra beautiful and healthy looking - it makes me feel shameful for the state that is mine! Happy to find your blog today :)

  9. Sweets,I think you should wear that kitty frock(last post)well into your old bag years!Fuck age appropriateness!!!
    Ah,lovely last Christchurch post....I'm excited to see you get yourself set up in Welly,though.....
    Lovely,LOVELY frocks!!! But when are they not,seriously?! I always approve of your fabulousness!
    Hope the move goes smoothly!XXX

  10. ohh, how exciting about moving! i hope everything goes smoothly for you. :) your hair looks amazing in that photo! (i'm sure you know the one i'm talking about). and that necklace of your mum's tooth is wonderful! wow, i wouldn't have even thought of that, but i love it. :)

  11. your hair is glorious!!! mum wants me to cut mine, but you are my long haired sister in arms.

    hope the move went well. i'm preparing your package over the next couple of weeks xx


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