Jelly shoe lovin'

Marc Jacobs created this beautiful fusion of velvet, platform and plastic sandal for the Resort '10 collection which I long for ardently...
also, sandals with socks รก la Tavi Gevinson:

So when I was thrifting a few days ago and found a pair of sparkly, chunky heeled jelly shoes for $2, I got so many awesome nineties teen glitter vibes from them I fell in love!
Later I discovered Georgia had recently bought a pair of pink chunky heeled jelly shoes for $1 and we decided on a jelly shoe dedication post.

The ways to wear (or never to wear, unless you wish to look like a crazy blind old woman/five-year-old, aka me) plastic jelly sandals:

Cheesy teen witch vibes!

Tights from costume store, the dress was thrifted from St Vincent de Paul, the sparkly heart ring was a gift from my little sister, and the moonstone ring I bought via online auction.

More teen witch vibes:
Black velvet and tie-dye + these shoes = eternal happiness!

The velvet peter pan collar dress was thrifted and the hand-dyed socks were a gift.
Girly schoolgirl nun vibes?
Socks - Farmers, cape - handmade by my grandmother, schoolgirl dress - 0$ from free shop, rosary beads - Vast Interior.
and I won't leave out the seventies vibes!
chiffon kimono top - two dollar clothing warehouse
floral velvet skirt - Wild Pair

Every comment is very much appreciated. I wish you all much love and jelly happiness!


All ye faithfull

Today's outfit was a little bit inspired by Marianne Faithfull, a little by Zooey Deschanel, and a lot by the nice weather we had today after days of rain!

This amazing 60s shift is part of my most recent vintage haul. On Trademe, which is the NZ equivalent of eBay, there was a vague but promising auction. It promised 'gorgeous old dresses' and very little other detail, with one blurry picture of a pile of clothes on a bed. I took my chance, and won the bidding, and it was so worth it! Six 1950s dresses, four from the 1960s, plus two skirts, a top and a nightie from the same era! Amazing! Some of them are too small, so are going to my local vintage shop, but some of them are just right! Opening the package was like Christmas, my birthday, and a costume cupboard all rolled into one.

(Wearing a vintage dress bought online and t-bar flats from Emporium Vintage)

I did something pretty wild today. Bought my first ever makeup! I got undereye concealer and lip stain from The Body Shop and two-dollar-shop liquid liner. As you may be able to tell, I don't have the steadiest of hands, but I did my best. I'm sure I'll get better with practice!

Can you see my little gray cat in the background?



My dear boy and I spent our weekend on planes and in bars, travelling to Auckland and Wellington from our hometown of Christchurch, to see The National. It was an amazing trip, full of (free!) gin and tonics, kittens, long walks uphill and coffee. I bought my first ever Crown Lynn piece, sung a line of Mr November with Matt Berninger, was surprised by a visit from Sufjan Stevens, got very sunburned, and ate a billion roti. It was an amazing weekend.

I wore my new red velvet shorts a lot on our trip. I picked them up in the childrens' section of my local thrift store, along with a sweet swiss-dot ballerina skirt, for $1. I think the staff must just chuck anything whimsical and zany in that bin, because I've had lots of luck there in the past with adult-sized clothing. Anyway, countless shop assistants, cafe staff and complete strangers admired them openly and asked where I got them. One Regina Spektor-lookalike even offered to buy them straight off me for a hefty sum. Unfortunately, I love them just as much as everyone else appears to, so no deal.

Wearing thrifted shorts, a thrifted embroidered blouse, thrifted sunglasses, UO shoes, and a vintage necklace. Photos by Logan.


All the wine

My friend Ruby-Rose and I are adventurers of the oddest kind, following funny-sounding street signs and always somehow ending up somewhere beautiful. We have about ten thousand cameras between us, and the results of our journeys are always beautiful. Here are some of my favourites from our 4+ years of adventuring.

I'm sorry for so many miscellaneous photo posts lately! I've been far too busy to take proper outfit photos, so here are some from a rooftop dinner party at my friend Anna's gorgeous flat a few days ago.

Wearing a vintage 60s dress, seamed stockings and no shoes. I was shooting with my Belomo Vilia, my favourite of all my 10 cameras, which was a surprise gift from Logan for my 18th birthday. I took lots more photos, which will be revealed when I get around to getting the films developed! Ever since I got my Olympus DSLR I am struggling to get back into film photography, which is a shame because my digital photos are so crap. I guess I could tack that onto the end of the New Years resolutions!

In other news, I acquired not one, not two, but ten vintage dresses (and a skirt (AND A CAPE!)) over the weekend. All will be revealed later!


A year in review

First and foremost, the lovely Tricia has written a feature on me, with a Q&A! You can read it here!

Now: 2010 has been the weirdest, scariest, most exciting year of my short life. Here are some of my favourite pictures from the past twelve months, as well as some from the last few days of lazy holiday good times.

2010 has been so great. I've acquired countless thrifted and vintage finds, seen so many amazing bands (The Pixies, Camera Obscura, Regina Spektor, Joanna Newsom, Grouper, Jens Lekman, The Dodos and about a thousand others), went to Sydney with Logan, and thanks to him I've got to know New Zealand so well. I am so looking forwards to all the things that 2011 will bring- The National, Campus A Low Hum, continuing with my degree, visiting Vietnam and Singapore again, and more amazing adventures with those I love.

As for a New Years resolution, mine is to sew more! I have no excuses now, thanks to my dressform. What is yours?
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