Stand by.

We had a sweet post prepared of yesterday's adventures but, being completely computer illiterate, I managed to delete it- then save the blank draft! Oh internet, how you hurt me. Stand by for a proper post when I nag Christie to help me out.

So instead, here is an outfit from a couple of days ago. But first- a story. Once I went to Santorini and drunk too much ouzo. I dropped my camera on a toilet floor in the dark, because in Europe toilets don't need lights or seats. That shit's for pussies. Anyway, now my nice new digital camera dances to the beat of its own drum. If it wants crazy overexposed photos, it'll damn well do it. If it wants to jam its lens and make scary noises, so be it.

I wore this to get iceblocks. No, I didn't wear shoes. Yes, I did stand on sharp things. An experiment I won't be hasty to repeat.

Dress, belt - vintage.


  1. It looks like your non-shoes are made of grass, and I like it.
    And your new blog. I also like that.

    As well as you. I like you also.

  2. hail fellow christchurcher.
    nice to see another blogger from ye old hick city. I wonder if we have met before, it is such a small town like city.
    You will get the hang of blogging pretty quickly, it's really pretty easy.
    Tip for new players, you should host your photos on a photo hosting site before loading them onto your blog. That way you can make them much much bigger. I use photobucket, but I know most bloggers use flicker or other thus sites. They have heaps of free space and you just sign up and away you go.

  3. Lucy- We probably have, undoubtedly eyed each other up from either side of a Salvation Army rack hoping the other didn't steal all the good bargains!
    Thank you! I will definitely do that in future. I used to use Imageshack but I thought maybe the built-in one was revolutionary in some way.


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