My family have headed off to Vietnam without me, to look at schools and houses in Ho Chi Minh city to decide if they're following my dad when he moves there next January. Pretty exciting. But, they've taken our digital camera and left me with only photobooth. My apologies!

I had a wonderful weekend, as my man is living with me til my family return. On Saturday he drove me around my favourite thrift stores and vintage shops, and in the evening we went to a very unusual gig. The first two acts sounded like the apocalypse coming, featuring lots of feedback and layering and scary earthquake-esque sounds. The last act was a little more literal in the sense of the traditional understanding of 'music'. The best part was the video he played. It was made by his 14 year-old cousin, and featured lots of things going backwards. A pair of feet summoning shoes from the other side of a room was my favourite.

On Sunday we went to a sale at a costume shop! Frequently I am asked, when clad in my normal clothes, if I'm going to a costume party. So I knew this was for me. Logan kindly traipsed after me as I threw things into a big cardboard box that he carried. I got SO MUCH amazing stuff! Lots of novelty prints and gorgeous dresses! They will be slowly revealed.

After the costume sale, we went out to his place in the country and shot tin cans and chopped wood. It was so nice to be out in the sun after six months of terrible winter.

Today I got up super early to send Logan to work on time, and went back to bed without setting my alarm. I ended up sleeping through my first lecture, so decided uni wasn't for me today. I've instead had a wonderful day of reading in the sun and hemming all the dresses I've let build up.

Dress - thrifted
Shoes - a supermarket
Hat - thrifted
Bag - from Two Squirrels Vintage! I saw it last week and couldn't get it off my mind, Logan kindly took me there on Saturday to snap it up before anyone else did.

This is a selection of my costume sale haul. The white lacey thing is a 1960s wedding dress! I will probably never wear it but it's nice to have it in reserve in case I ever need to get married at short notice.


  1. I'm super impressed you pull that dress off so well. I wouldn't be able to figure out how to rock it.

  2. Sale at a costume shop?! I think I would die of happiness. You look lovely and your hair is making me think twice about cutting mine! :x


  3. Oh I love Christchurch for op shopping! And a costume sale - awesome!

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog - I have just added myself as a follower of your blog. Yay for NZ bloggers xx

  4. Thanks Laurel! Christchurch truly has the best opshops, we're so lucky. I'm coming to Wellington for a week in February with my boyfriend so I expect some recommendations before then please! Also I love the ivory lace top you've listed on Trademe, how dreamy. I'll definitely keep a watch over it.

  5. I love the outfit, gorgeous!

  6. that dress is so gorgeous :) such a pretty colour <3 xxx


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