Alas, back to school.

I usually work Saturday mornings, so if I'm lucky enough to get one off it will be unconditionally spent at garage sales. I love other people's old junk. This dress, for example, was once a 70s curtain, and a great one at that. A customs officer told me I looked like a 'little Von Trapp', the highest of compliments. I'm wearing this on my first day back at uni, after a very long post-earthquake holiday.

Dress - handmade, without a pattern 'cause I have no spatial reasoning capability
Tights - laddered, as usual
Shoes - ?

While I'm here, I thought I'd share some photos from a recent adventure with Ruby-Rose, a dear friend and talented photographer. Together we have a vast array of semi-functional cameras that always yield interesting results. I am physically scarred from our adventures, but I'm a sucker for punishment 'cause I just keep going back for more.

Two different redscales.

Plus one from an amazing sunstroke day trespassing at a bird sanctuary island.

P.S. Does this look alright on everyone's browsers? Christie and I both have Macbooks with Firefox so we're not a very broad spectrum of internet users.


  1. pffft woman you do not need to lose a pound

  2. Holy tits those photos are brilliant.

  3. these photos are so eerie and wonderful at the same time...especially the last one. and the dress made out of a curtain is so neat! way to go. you should post more photos of it!


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