Plato's Dress

If you asked me to describe my perfect dress in a series of keywords, or if you added up my top 10 favourite dresses and divided the result by 10, you'd get this dress. It's got every feature I require in exactly the right ratios - 1950s, decent cotton, blue, rose-print, a decent cut, a good length, sleeves and a work-appropriate neckline. Plus I didn't even have to engage in a bidding war to make it mine. Scooore.

My life at the moment is pretty much entirely consumed by planning for me and Jack's big Christmas-y camping break, but my temporary flatmate Zoe has a tripod so I nicked it to take some outfit photos. At first I tried to get Jack to do them for me but he isn't really photographically inclined (sorry, Jack) so I just got him to push the button once I'd lined up the shot, haha. The experience made me realise that it's dumb that I own like 100 dresses but am unable to spend $40 on a tripod of my own to take bloggy photos without needing someone's help, so I am definitely gonna get my own - but not until after she's moved out and taken her tripod with her.

It is pretty obvious that I was messing around with different backdrop-y things, though. The white curtain is the cover for my wardrobe. Also let's just pretend my carpet isn't in desperate need of a vacuum and there isn't an empty plastic bag on the floor behind me. God. If I had photoshop I would've edited that out, trust me. 

1950s blue rose-print dress - Trade Me
Black and gold leather belt - opshopped
J pin - vintage sale
Shoes - won from Mimco via Lost In The Haze 
Lipstick - Mac Rebel
Satchel - Cambridge Satchel Company
Plus my usual rings and the only hairstyle I can be bothered with when it's this hot. 

Bonus photo: Jack was pushing the buttons on the camera and thought it would be hilarious for me to do this.  For every one photo I post on here there are at least 50 outtakes featuring double chins and mid-blink eyes and poses even dumber than the ones that make it to the public viewing stage.


  1. That is one divine frock...I can see why it is a firm favourite. I love the print and the style. It looks incredible on you. I think you should marry it. Xx

  2. You look lovely in this frock. But in the last picture you look so nice.
    formal dresses

  3. Your hair is amazing! Mine used to be almost as long, and I'm growing it out from a bob right now. I adore the print on your dress as well. Adorable as always. <3 xoxo

  4. Super sweet frock!!! I dribble! XXX

  5. it's funny where our priorities lie, i own so many clothes and records and books but haven't bothered to get private health insurance, which is kind of a big one, haha. i'd definitely recommend a tripod though, whenever i want to take outfit photos it and my remote make life so much easier.

    little henry lee

  6. The dress is beautiful! It really is perfect :)


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