I've lusted over the Karen Walker patio dress ever since it first came out in 2011, and I am so happy that it is finally mine! I found it for a really good price on Trade Me because the auction was ending on a Sunday morning, so I was bidding on it on my phone while at the veggie market. This dress was designed for a Royal New Zealand Ballet performance, and the skirt is made of fluoro vest nylon and has EIGHT full circles of fabric in it, plus the lining, so it moves and sits incredibly well. There is more information about the dress on this Thread article.

Wearing Karen Walker Patio dress from Trade Me with 1950s black beaded cardigan from Trade Me, misc tights, opshopped belt and shoes, Fieldguided 'thunder in our hearts' tote from a blog competition and Mac Girl About Town lipstick.


  1. you look so lovely! this outfit is so great! a+++ 10/10!!!

  2. I love hearing about collaborations between ballet companies and fashion designers! A while ago, Rodarte designed geometric black and white costumes for New York City ballet--http://www.nycballet.com/ballets/t/two-hearts.aspx--and even though they weren't my typical style, I thought they suited the ballet perfectly. I didn't know that Karen Walker had designed costumes for the Royal New Zealand Ballet! The patio dress probably looked amazing in motion, but it's still totally wearable for everyday (and I love that it feels very 1950's with a modern edge).

  3. YAAAY, that's so exciting you got it after waiting so long for it! it looks very pretty, and i love that vibrant hue of the skirt :)

    xo marlen
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  5. I'm usually not a huge fan of red but that is an amazing shade! It could brighten the dreariest of days, I'm sure. :) xoxo


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