For Sale

I'm selling some super cute stuff over on my Trade Me account so please take a look! It's technically for NZ and Australian buyers only, but if you are interested in something you can email me on georgianess at gmail dot com and we can talk.


  1. Hi Georgia, I've added a link to your trade me account to your guest frockster post.
    I love both frocks at the bottom - especially the one on the right. Will have to get my tape measure out!

  2. Dammit, I want that cardi!!! I'm sure I can squeeze it over my booboids!
    Damn you for not being my frock size.

  3. Oh darn....I want that last frock so bad, but it ain't gonna fit me. I think I'd feel like a kid in a candy shop if I was let loose in your wardrobe! Xx

  4. ahh that horse skirt is SO CUTE! and i've been looking for afforable beaded cardigans for the longest time but i can never find any that are the right fit for me (i like them small and preferably cropped) and i don't want to spend $$ on something that doesn't fit the way i want it to. the one you have up for sale is the prettiest colour though!

    little henry lee

  5. The stripey floral dress is so pretty. It reminds me of those old Sanderson bedspreads. Sadly, the waist is about two inches too small for me.

  6. Oh, I forgot to add; I don't know if you saw the reply to your comment but I'd be keen to catch up when you're in chch in December and so would Helga.


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