Just some recent pics from my Instagram
The 1950s under-the-sea print dress I got myself for my 20th birthday, tamarillos from Jack's parents' garden, plum crumble in an opshopped Pyrex dish. 

Beaded cardigan from Recycle with Blanes 50s dress from Trade Me, my heart-shaped bag thing, breakfast in bed. 

Dress from my friend Bobbi Jo, a replica of a 40s dress my parents got made for me in Vietnam, the wine cellar at a place I went for a dinner party the other week. 

Cute little 60s striped dress from eBay, matching prints on two 1950s dresses, perfect cardi that my bf's grandma knitted me from a 1940s pattern. 

 A bit of my wardrobe, a gingham California Cottons 1950s dress and bolero set, and a heavenly rose-printed velvet 1950s Southwell dress from Trade Me - my most exciting new purchase of recent weeks.


  1. Ah such pretties! Your Pyrex is a 50's fire king I have the pink set. You find such beautiful pieces

  2. I SO want to raid your wardrobe! You have the best selection of frocks!!! Xx

  3. Major eye candy!! Loving those rose dresses..

  4. wow so many beautiful dresses!! so nice of your friend to make a replica. and to reply to your comment on my post, what a shame your grandma didnt even keep her wedding dress for a few years!! although i really couldn't tell you if my grandma had anything interesting still, luckily Katie's did : )
    Cuddly Cacti
    Mitla Moda

  5. I so envy your frock collection, darl! XXX

  6. Cool vintage dresses! That is an awesome collection.


  7. lovely photos, lovely clothes, and lovely blog :)

  8. I can't even believe how many beautiful vintage pieces you own! Wow, I am swooning so much right now <3

  9. Truly beautiful pictures :) Love your dresses, so pretty

    Ruth x


  10. You own some very beautiful dresses! The Under The Sea print one is perfectly suited for you ❤

  11. Aw, you've got such a cute IG! Love the shots of your pretty dresses.

    Xo, Hannah


  12. I really love that under-the-sea print. And I'm enjoying instagram; thanks for following me there.


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