In the Flowers

I got this amazing 1950s cotton day dress with a big purple floral print on Trade Me the other day, because I have no self-control. It has been entirely stitched by hand with the neatest, tiniest little stitches ever. Even though it's massively seasonally inappropriate I wore it today.

  Idk what these poses are. Too much sav.

Worn with a 50s black cashmere cardigan that I've had for ages, rose pin from my friend Alex ages ago, pink belt off another dress, opshopped t-bar heels that I think are originally from Farmers, and opshopped 80s sunglasses that I got yesterday in Petone.

Also, this is hopefully the last time you'll ever see me with this grotty haircut. Growing out my fringe ("bangs") was a terrible decision, but now they are so long I can't just trim them back to the way they were, so I am getting a free haircut later this week from a student hairdresser, thank god.


  1. Oooh, it's beautiful. I'm pretty sure I say this about all your dresses, but god that print is so perfect. I can't believe someone sewed the whole thing by hand. Seriously, it takes me ages to even handstitch a hem, I can't imagine handstitching a whole dress.

  2. Oh man, that dress rules. So, so beautiful. I really have to stop visiting your blog - my eyes are green with envy every time, haha. It also makes me miss the long hair I just had lopped off! I shall have to check out this Trade Me website you speak of.

  3. Very pretty frock - with tights and cardies there is no need for anything to be seasonally inappropriate ;)

  4. yay for beautiful seasonally inappropriate clothing, it's nothing you can't fix with a coat or cardigan anyway, so the weather is no reason not to buy yourself new dresses!

    little henry lee

  5. Lovely dress. Thanks for following me on Instagram! Im tazcarr there!


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