July's favourites

I've never really thought to do this before but I've seen lots of things I've liked around the internet lately, so here's a round-up of clothes and outfits from my favourite blogs of late:

Amazing approximation of a 1940s suit by Camelias and Crinolines

Bright colours and smart combinations by Kelly from Made By White.

Yellowstone on medium format by Katie-Louise Ford.

Embroidered 1950s velvet pants on Naked Cowgirl Vintage.

A raspberry beret by Street and City Photos

A perfect vintage suit by Zoe from Vagabond Language

Seafaring with Black Swan's Pond

Vintage florals by thrifting goddess high socks

Wonderful cats-eye glasses by Milk Teeths.

Jelena's perfect fringe on Toronto Street Style

Judging by this I'm really into longer-length circle skirts lately. I was actually gonna make a post of my latest AWESOME opshopped finds today, but Jack spilled whiskey on my card reader so that is not happening. May this suffice until I can nag him to get me a new one.


  1. Oh what a group of gorgeous ladies. So lovely.
    Love v

  2. I love this compilation of styles. All of these women are standouts!

  3. Thanks for including me amongst all these lovely ladies. How did I not know about half these blogs? Also, now I need a gingham blouse to go with my red beret because clearly it won't be complete without one. Bummer about the whisky on your card reader.

  4. youre way too kind Christie! I admire some of these ladies too! especially camelias and crinolines! aint she the best? mum tells me today your kitties are nearly complete!!! argh so excited for you!

  5. i love longer skirts too- i think they're more feminine. and i feel so vintage in them :)

  6. what inspirational images! Kate Louise Ford is my favorite. She looks uber uber chic!

  7. eee thank you so much :3 i LOVE the outfit with the red beret. makes me wish it was fall here!

  8. lovely blog.

  9. Nothing like a cute floral print for summer!

  10. So much fantastic inspiration! I love all the layering and pretty vintage skirts and dresses. Wonderful!

  11. Ahh only just seen this now! My pics are so amateur in comparison! In love with those 1950s embroidered pants oh my giddy aunt! Such a collection of lovely ladies!


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