Snow good!

(Wearing a vintage dress that was a gift from my penpal Kensey Crane, my mum's red duffel, thrifted mustard beret, thrifted silk scarf, thrifted cardigan, costume cupboard satchel, Columbine merino tights, merino-mink socks and my mum's patent Docs. So many layers!)

For the second time this year, snow has come to Christchurch. That's another day off work, university and school for me and Will. Our lack of foresight (despite many warnings from Metservice) was apparent as we had to walk down to the supermarket to get some bread to make it through the day, but it was a good opportunity for some photos. Clearly my mum has far more practical winter clothes than me, as I had to raid her wardrobe to find a proper warm coat and boots! One trip out in the snow was enough for me though. Time to hunker down with some tea, cinnamon scones and a Media Studies essay.


Georgia Rose Vintage

So, as many of you know I'm moving to Wellington next year! Super duper exciting. But sadly I cannot take my 100+ vintage dresses with me to a new city, and also Wellington is quite an expensive place to live. So...

Georgia Rose Vintage has been born! A Facebook page through which I'm hoping to reduce my vintage wardrobe and make some extra cash. Please 'like' it and don't be afraid to ask questions and support my big move.

Sorry for the lack of proper posts lately. I've been a little busy donning fancy dresses and watching Mathilda with Frith.


Crowns Clothing Clearance

Now's your chance to get some beautiful New Zealand-made clothing for a steal! Morgan is having a big clearout at her Etsy- just use the code AUGCLEAR for 30% off her gorgeous handmade garments, and free shipping within NZ. How gorgeous is the Belvedere dress?


Peter Pan Syndrome

If we have a personal relationship on any level, chances are you've heard about this dress. After finding it on Etsy three weeks ago, I fell completely in love. If this dress were a guy, I would've checked his Facebook every hour to see if there were any comments there from other girls. I would've driven past his house regularly to see if I could spot him through the windows. I would've memorised his university schedule in order to co-ordinate 'accidental' meetings.

No, seriously, I don't do that with guys. Probably because I've never met one that I like as much as I like this dress. So I bought it, and I enforced a 6-week shopping ban to punish myself for dropping a massive amount of money on it. I thought about it every day until it got here, and now... things have changed between us.

I still love it, don't get me wrong. But I have no idea how to wear it. Maybe I've built it up too much in my head, and now I can't see any outerwear or accessories or hairdos enhancing its already astounding beauty. I've had it hanging on my dressform since I opened the package, hoping divine inspiration would reach me.

So, dear readers, I ask for your help. What do I wear this with?! Bear in mind it's winter here, and I had goosebumps while these photos were being taken. How do I style such an amazing dress? Please give me your suggestions, and I'll put together some sort of little prize for the person whose comment inspires my look. I'll post me wearing it next week!

For your time, here's my brother Will looking dapper in his thrifted garb. Jealous that he got that hair from the gene pool.
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