Catching Up

I haven't done an Instagram roundup post in like four months. Here goes!
My beloved original ABBA tshirt, overcast day in Christchurch, close-up of the 1950s kangaroo-print dress!

Some Repettos I got for $20, belts opshopped while road tripping around the North Island, and the beautiful mid-century beside table my fella opshopped for me and carried home! So good to finally have a proper table, rather than just piles of books that collapsed onto each other all the time.

Some of a huge pile of books I got for 50c each, my lovely perfumes c/o Smelly Cat, some 1950s cardigans opshopped recently.

A good makeup day, presents to me from me, opshopped cutout belt and a novelty print 1950s dress that I've since sold (too tiny!).

INSANELY GOOD NOVELTY PRINT SKIRT on @carmenzelda when I picked up some purchases off her, and said purchases - Swirl dresses!

This only goes back to like January. Better start work on the next one! 


  1. I'd kill for that Abba tee shirt! x

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous...that's all!!


    Also I answered your Ella questions, sorry I took so long!


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