Oriental Bay

Ah, god, we are in our new house and it is SO GOOD. Everything is pale blue and we get so much sunshine and we have all this amazing space to put all our things in. Where clothes used to take a week to dry in the valley, here on the hill they are crisp after an hour on the line. Amazing. I am not quite ready to show photos of it because it's still a bit messy but here are a couple from earlier in summer that Christie suggested I share. My flatmate (former, I suppose) and I were both suuuper hungover the Sunday these were taken, but a swim in the sea at Oriental Bay cleansed us of our sins. Photos by Kita.

 Look at that mop. Thankfully my friend Margot cut off like six inches of it today, it was getting so gross. My 1950s black swimsuit is from Margot's mum's costume box, plus opshopped sunglasses and scarf.

And my obligatory Datter necklace.

Also while I'm here I might as well share these, from a sunny Sunday picnic several months ago in my friend Rose's amazing garden.

Wearing a lily-of-the-valley dress I got made in Vietnam from fabric that my friend Ella gave me, and Columbine tights. Glam, right. Photos by Ben Laksana.


  1. You look like a total babe in that swimsuit! And I love the action shots in your friend's garden.

  2. Beautiful! And I hear you guys have been having the most amazing weather in Welli too! I remember briefly living in Aro Valley too when I first moved to Wellington. Even in the middle of summer we had to wrap up warm while inside. I hated it and it was a big relief when I moved up to Brooklyn. God I miss Wellington some times!

  3. sounds really lovely i am glad that you are settling in nicely and yes clothes that dry faster really does make life so much easier! i really love the photos at the bottom they just have this great movement to them and that dress is STUNNING.

    xx rae

  4. You look so pretty in the bathing suit!!!! Enjoy the sun and your new home.
    Love V

  5. Such fabulously Summery shots! Beautiful! XXX

  6. You look beautiful! Plus those photos of you and your boyfriend (I think?) are pure class.

  7. awww, those photos of you two dancing are so sweet!! also you actually have the most amazing hair! mine is pretty long as well but it doesn't go a straight as yours if i just leave it to try it goes all frizzy so i have to dry it in plaits. :( jealoussss!

    little henry lee


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