Ah, sorry for not blogging properly for so long. I've been super busy- I finished uni exams without too much stress, then hopped a plane to Wellington to go see my new fella and take a little road trip around the North Island with some of his friends. I didn't get a chance to take many photos, but rest assured it was a beautiful trip with plenty of beaches, beer and de Beauvoir.

(This is said fella. His name's Jack.)

Then I got back, and got back to the monotony of full-time work. I've had the same job making jewellery since I was 13, and am beginning to get a little sick of it. But thankfully I have the amazing local bloggers Helga and Brodie to make my life a little more exciting. Yesterday we jumped in the car (after some bubbly to take the edge off) and perused a few local thrift stores in search of gold. I didn't buy anything due to my laughable attempt to downsize, but Helga and Brodie scored some gems. We had to stop on the way for some photos, of course.

I was wearing a 1950s bird-print dress from Etsy, which there are better pictures of at Helga's blog. It's so, so nice to hang out with other ladies who understand the ins and outs of blogging and don't think it's weird when I say suggest we stop the car in some abandoned stockyards for a little photoshoot. They are two of the loveliest and most stylish ladies I've had the pleasure to meet lately, and I had such a riot with them.

Aaaaand now for a proper outfit post. Phew.

(Wearing a dress made by Ella, a belt from Margot, shoes from Emporium Vintage, bag from Two Squirrels Vintage, and ancient, peeling sunglasses from a market in Hanoi)

So remember how me and Christie and Margot had a garage sale the other week? I met a girl named Ella there, who seems to be my kindred spirit in weirdo novelty prints. Much to my good luck she's moving to Paris soon (!), so is trying to downsize her wardrobe. From her I've acquired two amazing dresses that she's made herself from craft fabrics- this one, featuring a girl watering her garden on the bodice and a floral skirt, and a map-print one that is just as beautiful. To punish myself for getting two new dresses, I added another four from my own wardrobe into my 'to sell' pile, which is growing massiver by the day. If anyone wants to come and pick through it, you're welcome to!

Oh, and I also had the pleasure of meeting Ayesha who runs Love Vintage at a party the other night, she was adorable and a total sweetheart too.



Every now and then I take outfit photos that just don't turn out that well. Sometimes it's the lighting, sometimes it's the scenery, sometimes it's my ridiculous poses, and sometimes my outfit just makes me look like a pregnant middle-aged woman from the 90s (my curse). I thought I'd put a few of them in a little post together, as I'm a bit busy with studying and working and being excited to do much in the way of proper blogging at the moment.

(Wearing a vintage dress from Etsy, belt from Margot, and shoes off Trademe.)

(Wearing a 1940s dress from Two Squirrels Vintage, 1950s cape from Emporium Vintage, misc tights and Goldenponies brogues)

(Wearing a misc long-sleeved tee, Ruby Boutique skirt, thrifted polka-dot scarf, tights from Chinatown in Sydney, and shoes off Trademe)

(Wearing a dress and belt from Two Squirrels Vintage, misc tights, costume cupboard satchel and shoes off Trademe)
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