Today I last-minute-styled a little photoshoot for Johanna Macdonald, the results of which will be posted here in due time. However, Jo was also kind enough to take some outfit photos for me in my amazing map-print dress made by Ella from my last post.

(Wearing a dress made by Ella, Goldenponies shoes, Datter arrow necklace and a thrifted belt)

Amazing right? Jo is so talented, I feel so privileged to get to work with her.


  1. uh! amazing. I love the one of your twirling. You hair looks alive.

  2. Your hair is so long and luscious! Rapunzel. :)

  3. It's lovely. Now 'map dress' has been added to my incredibly long list of things I want. The picture of you spinning is great. Can't wait to see the results of the shoot you styled.

  4. I am with Camelia on this one, its added to my list! Beautiful :-)


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