About The Velvettes

The Velvettes are two passionate young ladies from New Zealand. This is a blog about their love of vintage and opshopping, adventures, and 50mm lenses. Sundered by Cook Strait in 2012, they continue to document their whimsy and debauchery.


Georgia, 21, has a Bachelor of the Arts from Victoria University and works for a media company. She loves 1950s dresses, weird novelty prints, beer, travel and semi-broken cameras. She dreams of one day having hair down to her knees and always looks 100% fantastic! Georgia has been collecting vintage clothing since the tender age of 12 and owns enough vintage garments to start up her own store (oh wait, she did!). She can be contacted at georgianess@gmail.com.

Christie is 19 (but wise beyond her years) and lives and studies in Christchurch. She's passionate about Stevie Nicks, velvet, chiffon, 60s and 70s fashion and teen witch vibes. Intrepid and hilarious, she has the voice of an angel, sings in a band called Half Mountain and takes a mean photo on her Diana. One day Christie will be famous and/or come to Wellington to live with Georgia. She can be contacted at christie.a.simpson@gmail.com.
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