Ring Around the Rosey

Wearing a vintage 1950s rose dress from Trade Me, vintage silver bangle a birthday present from my mum, very old velvetty flatforms and blue belt from a market in Vietnam.

 I was trying out a middle part today, but after looking at these photos I have realised that is the WORST IDEA EVER and I have promptly returned my hair to its usual state. So sorry. But yeah, I got this beautiful NZ-made cotton sundress on Trade Me recently and have worn it like five days in a row. In the picture it looked black and white, which I was a little nervous about as I don't often wear those colours, but it turns out it's got a beautiful pale pinky lilac wash to it. The label makes me titter a bit too - 'Another Beejay Garment', ha. I suspect today is one of the last sunny days we'll have in Wellington for a while, so I was trying to make the most of wearing cotton without a layer of wool.

 I've had these black velvetty flatforms since high school and recently got the straps fixed for a tenner and now they have many more years of life left in them, I hope. They are so comfy and practical for work. Also I am wearing lipstick - Revlon Colorstay Muse. Mum was up for the weekend last week and we both decided to become lipstick people. I always forget I have it on and then smear it on my face. Fun.


Instagram Roundup

Does everyone hate Instagram roundup posts? Maybe? I don't know? The last one I did seemed to get a great reception, and although I suppose they are slightly ~lazy~ blogging, I don't have many IG followers so it feels alright to reproduce the images here. These are mostly from February. Feel free to follow me at @georgiavelvette if you like dresses, 'cause that's all I really post pictures of.

Our new house, a floral 1950s dress from Etsy, a Blanes rose-print 1950s cotton dress off Trade Me.

 Hydrangeas from Hannah, Bass brogues from eBay because I needed some practical shoes, a fuzzy photo of the formica table and vintage chairs.

Late-night cheeseboards all the time, wearing my rosy dress to see Mt Eerie live!, a heart-print California Cottons 1950s sundress I bought myself as a very early 21st birthday present.

 An amazing 1950s dress made in NZ by Travis from Horrockses fabric, my degree came in the mail, six avocados worth of glorious, amazing guac.

 A deadstock 1950s floral stripe Petite Vogue dress from Trade Me, a sequinned cashmere 1950s cardigan that I opshopped for $5, boyfriend helping me show off my cityscape 1950s full skirt from Recycle, worn with a 1950s wool tee and rhinestone question mark brooch.

Also, I am selling some stuff on my Trade Me at the moment - mostly size NZ10-12. It is technically only for NZ bidders, but if you are overseas and fancy something, send me an email (georgianess at gmail) and we may be able to work something out.

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