Princess Dress

I got this amazing lilac sheer chiffon collared 1950s handmade dress on TradeMe intending to hem it to a slightly more wearable length, but when it arrived and I tried it on I feel strangely in love with its ankle-grazing skirt and have decided to keep it like this. Usually I am extremely defensive of my right to alter vintage in any way I desire to make it more wearable or practical, but this one has left me stuck. I wasn't planning to go to my university graduation 'cause they're hideously boring, but now I think I may have to just so I have a legit occasion to wear this dress - other than for a walk to the park.

 My flatmate took pity on me when she saw me wearing it around the house and we went for a wander to take some pixxx. I'm wearing it with a vintage lilac lace slip and vintage t-bar 1960s flats. The best thing about starting work at 6am (possibly the only good thing?) is finishing early and being able to enjoy the afternoon sun.


Hi hi hi

Hello! Apologies, et al. I think from now on I will just tell y'all that I will be posting pretty infrequently and then if I manage more than one update a fortnight you can be pleasantly (?) surprised. Work is busy and really fun and I am getting less bad at my job and that's basically my life right now.

I was really just going to post to inform you of some Trademe auctions I have up at the moment (cheap vintage, size 10-12 mostly but some larger, 1950s and 1960s and 1970s) to make some space in my burgeoning wardrobe, but yesterday as I was leaving to run errands and go to a film and enjoy the amazing weather I wrangled my flatmate Kita to take some photos of me in my new dress.

My Mac is in getting fixed so I am using my boyfriend's big clunky confusing Windows laptop, and I tried to brighten these on some programme and accidentally made the second one kinda hazy. Soz.

I'm wearing a 1950s red rose-print day dress from Libertines Vintage on Etsy, an old opshopped leather belt, opshopped $1 blue Roman sandals, opshopped 10c sunglasses and a 1960s banana basket that Jack's mum gave me. 

Edit: I forgot to announce the winner of the Wildfell Hall voucher on here! It was Trees, fellow Wellington blogger and commenter number one.
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