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Sorry for the lack of posts on my behalf lately, and many thanks to Christie for picking up the slack with her amazing outfits and photography. Boy do I miss that girl. So... yeah, I live in Wellington now, and it rules. It kinda feels too good to be true, and the amazing fortune I've been having lately is so surreal and wonderful. The last fortnight-ish has been truly amazing. Yesterday I fiiiiinally finished moving into my flat- I live with the coolest people ever, they've been infinitely helpful and kind to me, and it really feels like a proper home. I actually met my flatmate/friend Kita on Livejournal, which is kinda funny I guess. Here's a little look at my room in all its whimsical glory.

My boyfriend scored me this awesome Art Deco-esque chest of drawers with a scalloped mirror, although it got a tiny bit cracked in the process of moving it from his place to mine. Check out my amazing rubbery Bambi lamp (a Trademe score) and my very own Golden the Pony Boy (a relic from a crafty boy I dated at age 16).

Today we all went opshopping together in Newtown, and I got this awesome old school desk and chair from two separate shops, although they go perfectly together. It was only $26 total for both of them! Also pictured: me trying to decide whether or not to get some silver glittery Goldenponies mary-janes. I also got the cross-stitched Virgin Mary today for a pittance.

Also expect some nice outfit posts in the future, as Kita is an excellent photographer and has assured me she'll pick up where my brother has left off.


  1. Very cute room - isn't Newtown awesome for op shopping? Try Kilbirnie too - it has some great op shops and they don't tend to be too picked over. Welcome to Wellington!

  2. Dude, loving the wall collages, Anne of Green Gables and desk. I'm sure you'll be inspired to study and party to the best of your ability.

  3. so, seriously, we could be friends. my wardrobe seems to resemble a lot of yours. :)
    do it with the golden ponies, i have like 4 pairs of her shoes now, they are awesome for the price. i did the pink glitter oxfords and they rock!
    thanks for the comment! x

  4. Ahh that picture on your wall with the precious stones is so beautiful! And the Virgin Mary cross-stitch! Your room looks fantastic.

  5. I'm glad to hear Wellington is treating you well. I love the cross-stitched Mary. When I went to Newtown I didn't find a single thing in the op shops. You should get the glitter mary janes. They are so pretty. I sent your top yesterday.

  6. Hey Georgia,
    I'm glad things are working out in Wellington and your room is magical, can I come live in it with you?


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