a holiday to familiar places

I just got back from spending a few days in Wanaka over the long weekend, and have many photos to share! It was beautifully sunny (albeit swelteringly hot) weather the entire time and I had a lovely time. The morning before we left, Vanessa and Warren of Two Squirrels were having a fantastic vintage clothing sale at their pop-up store, The Nest, at their home in Rangiora, and I found some absolute gems for a bargain price! All dresses were $10 so I ended up with seven of them!

A very photo-heavy post, be warned...
my suitcase: pink plastic rosary was a gift, floral t-shirt, lilac blouse, belt and yellow sweater all thrifted, Marc Jacobs Daisy was a Christmas gift from my parents, rose hairtie was a gift, daisy headband on sale from a retail store in the mall

I found this amazing sixties dress in my favourite op-shop for only $4 and accidently cut it a bit too short when I was altering it! I sewed on some broderie anglaise trim and it saved the dress.

also wearing:
tights - retail
vintage t-straps - a wonderful little thrift store that was on Colombo St but is now gone!

My family and I found this amazing new 50s-diner-style cafe out by the airport and the food was fantastic and the decor was perfect! I fell in love. 

I've just realised that everything I'm wearing in this photo was so cheap! My inner bargain-hunter is very content.

t-shirt and skirt - Charity Barn, 33c each
socks - retail, $1
shoes - $5, vintage sale at The Nest
plastic rosary - a gift
belt - thrifted, $1
rose hairtie - a gift

I adore these brogues! They are in such fantastic condition and are definitely seventies if not older!

This is my little sister, Bailey. She is a lot taller than me and already a ton cooler at 14.

Bailey is wearing:
shirt - thrifted
sweater - thrifted
sunglasses - mine
shorts - used to be mine, thrifted
boots - vintage sale at The Nest
wooden rosary necklace - Vast Interior (my parents store!)
We visited a fascinating toy & transport museum that was filled with so many amazing things. It was chaotic and messy and wonderful. I am a really big fan of all things miniature so I was pretty happy.

This is another one of the gems I found in the vintage sale! The print is so pretty, I love the colours.
70s sundress - vintage sale at The Nest
socks - retail
shoes and belt - mentioned earlier
sunglasses - retail
lipstick - Revlon 24k Orange, make-up clearance sale


  1. Christie, how is it that you just keep getting prettier and prettier?

  2. You guys have the best holidays.

  3. Wow awesome bargains, esp love that first dress! :)

  4. It looks like you guys had an amazing time! I've never been to Wanaka in summer before. Oh and as for the sweltering heat... I am soooooo envious! We have had one of the worst (as in no sunshine and warmth) summers on record I think!

  5. I thought I saw you at the Two Squirrels sale on your way in just as I was pulling out in the car. That 60s dress is fantastic. I love the collar. That diner is amazing. I want those formica tables and chairs in my house. Your sister looks way cooler than I ever did at 14 (or now for that matter).

  6. What a cute series of photos! The diner, your dress, the little house of miniatures - sounds like a great holiday! x

  7. I loved this post, the photos are so beautiful. So many great outfits, but I think I like the first blue 60's dress best, its just adorable!

  8. What a lovely holiday! would love to visit a diner one of these days...
    as for the prices on the shop, everything is in australian dollars, feel free to contact me if you have any other questions or refer to the side bar



  9. Lovely holidays and lovely both of you. Pics are awesome liked your dresses. It looks like you guys had a blasting holidays. Cheers!!


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