Summer holiday

I'm leaving tomorrow to go on holiday for just over a week and have acquired some lovely (but cheap and cheerful!)  additions to my summer holiday suitcase.
flat platforms - Number One shoes, $40 on sale
sandals - Rubi shoes, $10 on sale


retro-print playsuit - Glassons, $25 on sale                              tie-dyed raw silk top - a school fair, 50c

flowy bow singlet - Valleygirl, $30

silky-feel boxer shorts - Valleygirl, $16 on sale

Merry Christmas to all our followers!


  1. Darling,have a safe and wonderful holiday!
    Ooo,nice to see what you've bought,I need to start planing for next June,when we go to the States....thanks for the ideas!XXX

  2. Wow! You have found some amazing goodies! <3 I love the $10 sandals! Amazing!

    Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

  3. OH WHATTTT???? That playsuit!!!! That print!!!!! my heart is racing just a little bit


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