I Made A Gif of Every Dress I Own*

*So the title isn't entirely accurate. It's three gifs because my computer couldn't process the images as one, and it's not actually every dress. There were a few in the wash, a big pile to be sold, my mending pile, a couple that Jack's mum opshopped for me, one that Will got made for me in Vietnam, some stuff that doesn't fit me in storage and since I took these photos, I've bought four more. I got a big tax return, okay? But I finally got contents insurance for my shit, which I've been meaning to do since my neighbours last year fell asleep with a heater knocked over and nearly burned the place down.

I remember when I was like 15 reading a newspaper article about a girl whose house burned down and she had no insurance on her big vintage collection, and that would be so awful. I would be so gutted if I lost my collection, not just because it's all pretty but because there's stuff I could never replace, like the blouse my mum made in home economics when she was 14 or the dress I made from a 1940s pattern for a school ball when I was 16, or the 1950s dress my manager at the opshop gave me to say congrats on landing my first big girl job.

So I got insurance, and it took ages to sort out because of the 'special nature' of my 'collection'. Most policies pay less for stuff the older it is, but clearly that wasn't going to work for me. I was also asked to take a photo of all the stuff I want to insure, so I snapped these rather unglamorous photos quickly one afternoon. Christie gave me the idea that they'd look cool as a gif, so here we go. Sorry it's a lazy post. The weather has been crap here and Will has been in Vietnam and so I've had nobody to take photos for me. I should probs get a tripod.


  1. What a good idea, I hadn't even thought about specific insurance cover for a vintage collection. The gifs are brilliant but I am yelling "slow down" and "stop!" cos I keep spotting gorgeous frocks I want a closer look at! xxxx

  2. such a fun idea and they look crazy good next to each other!

  3. these gifs are awesome! i was going to say that's a pretty big undertaking just to make some gifs but if you already had to take the photos for insurance then this is a fun way to put them to use. that's a really smart idea to insure your vintage collection, hopefully you never have to claim on the policy but it's better to be safe than sorry.

    little henry lee

    1. Yeah, once I'd taken the photos I was just gonna upload them to a Google Drive and leave them, but Christie had suggested I make an Instagram video of all my dresses so this seemed like a good idea haha. Let us pray I never need to cash in that policy.

  4. that's so smart, i think i need to do that too ...
    i also love looking at your dizzying dresses!!


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