Velvet Teen

Wearing a 1950s floral velvet dress, Datter ring and necklace, vintage bangle, Melissa flocked wedges via Recycle Boutique and vintage belt from Two Squirrels.

I got this beautiful rose-print 1950s or 1960s velvet dress from the same Trade Me seller I got this dress from a few weeks ago. She is selling off a good portion of her vintage collection, and I have gladly taken four of them off her hands so far. This is definitely my favourite so far, and maybe even one of my favourite vintage dresses ever. I am trying to move my wardrobe towards being a little more seasonally versatile, so I feel sensible velvet dresses with three-quarter sleeves are a good idea for Wellington. My shoes are new too - the second-hand-but-modern kind of new. I got them from Recycle Boutique the other day, mainly because they reminded me of my long-time internet friend Gabs (who doesn't have a blog for some reason) who always wears full-skirted 1950s dresses with huge badass mary jane wedges. These shoes make me so tall I don't have to constantly be gazing upward to look people in the eye, and I can actually reach the microwave in our house. Magic.

Also pictured: I am wearing eyeliner haha, continuing to attempt to become a makeup-wearing person. My boss (who is probably reading this, hi Fi!) is a total makeup guru and recommended me Maybelline gel eyeliner because my chronic shakey hands mean liquid eyeliner is out of the question. It turned out to be awesome and easy to apply, and I am pleased to report I have not just drawn a zigzag across my eyelid this time. Also pictured: ugh sorry about my part, idk what my hair is doing. It is not meant to be like that. I kind of hate my hair and want to cut it off right now. Also: my lovely aunties gave me this beautiful Datter ring for my 21st and I could not be happier with it. Also: my mum sent me this photo of my dad holding me when I was a baby and he is just really, really handsome.


  1. Upon seeing your fabulous shoes I thought "I NEED THOSE!" and then I realised... I actually have those exact shoes. Haha.

    I am actually sadly selling them because, despite their beauty, I found them too impractical and uncomfortable to wear and they have sat as an ornament in my bedroom since I bought them a year ago and I am feeling rather poor lately, so I figured I'd try offer them up to someone who'd give them the wear they deserve. Please wear and photograph your beautiful shoes often so that I can enjoy them vicariously, haha.

    Also, your dress is darling.
    And thank you again for your extremely kind words on my makings. I am definitely keen to delve into this world of fabric design.

  2. Oh yes please, love the dress and the sumptious velvet shoes! x

  3. This is such a pretty outfit!


  4. This outfit looks ridiculously amazing

  5. Such a great dress- perfect length, flattering sleeves and neckline too.

  6. that ring is adorable! and oh my god, your dress! i know i've said this before but i'm so envious of all your finds on trademe, i wish there was an australian version or that i could somehow convince the sellers on there to post things to australia! come one, we're neighbours guys, this just isn't fair.

  7. The red dress looks EXACTLY like the one worn by Peggy Olson in Mad Men Season 2, but with longer sleeves! http://blogs.amctv.com/mad-men/peggy-olson-red-dress1.jpg

    Either way, it's lovely! I keep looking on TRADEME but I can't find anything? :( is there a label in it?


  8. Ooh ooh I just found your beautiful blog. I just went through about 5 pages of posts. Love it all. Much love from Australia!
    My blog is www.trishhunterfinds.com.au xx

  9. Hahah oh boy I'm such a dork, I found you from the link on the comment you posted on my blog. But read it later on and didn't realise that's where I found you (Note weird comment above dah, I just didn't know how I stumbled across you!) I accidentally closed your window after reading & commenting, but forgot your blog name to re-find you because I forgot to add you to my bloglovin' and I just clicked when I refound you in my comments.
    Marathon comment over (sorry) Glad I found you again. Thought I'd better explain.
    Trish xx

  10. Nice blog!!!
    Would you like to follow each other?

  11. Gosh, stumbled across your blog via Instagram, totally loving your style lady.
    xx Fran www.alittlevintagestory.blogspot.com

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  13. Kia ora Ladies!
    I was super lucky to come across your fab blog in a rare moment of wandering blog-land, I am in LOVE with this red dress... and the red shoes in a post up top has got me feeling quite covetous! lol! I hope you don't mind that I have shared a link to your blog on my own little blog and a photo of this beautiful dress... please pop over and visit yourselves while visiting me... thanks for your stylish inspiration...
    Mrs C

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