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I just got home from a band practice - I'm in a new band with two blonde guys, and I sing, and it's a pretty swell time. Musically, I've always felt like I was too much of a Joni Mitchell (not that I have anything against her, I adore her!) and not enough of a Patti Smith - I always wanted to show a little more anger and be a little crazier on stage and never did. And now I have the opportunity to do that (well, sort of) with a songwriting genius/pedal wizard and a surfing/marathon-running drummer and I had no idea how great it would be. It's all so exciting.

So here we are:

Band logo designed by yours truly.

Liam, Hunter and I performing at the Rockquest heats last weekend (a nationwide band competition for high school students here in NZ) - which we aced, I'm not even going to lie. Photo credit to Frances Martin.

Your support in our ventures into musical territory would be greatly appreciated, no matter what distant part of the world you hail from! You can like our Facebook page here. I would be extremely grateful! We're recording some demos soon so keep an eye out!

On another note, here are a bunch of photos from my Instagram account (my username is typewrite, follow me if you have one too!) involving small details of my recent purchases and day-to-day life over the past few months. Enjoy.
1. dreamcatcher bought in Bali 
2. polka-dot nails that I spent ages doing - OPI Skull & Glossbones and misc cheap black polish
3. a new addition to my Popular Penguin collection and my lovely Bedrock Bones bracelet and  hairbone that I purchased from ONCE'IT 
4. my awesome Demonia creepers
5. the AMAZING Commes Des Garçons PLAY sweater I thrifted for NZ$8!
6. a flyer stuck on a carpark sign
7. the beautiful last days of autumn in the area I recently moved to
8. my Balinese canopy and new bed in my new bedroom
9. sunset in our broken and deconstructed city
10. adorable lacy bloomers that my mother brought back for me from Kitten D'Amour in Australia!

And to finish, here's a shameless self-portrait that I snapped before Rockquest on Sunday. Until next time, lovely followers!

(P.S. I'm publishing this a day late because the internet stopped working last night - today it snowed all day so I'll post some pictures from that tomorrow!)

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  1. Christie you're an extremely talented musician, I'm sooo excited to hear some Half Mountain demos.


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