New loves

I found new love in my favourite opshop today:
I couldn't NOT take home this blue sparkly 70s sweater. It's even more amazing in person too.

The floral print 60s wool dress is so beautiful, it not only has a pleated skirt and a lace peter pan collar but it was only $5 and fits perfectly! This photo does not do this wonderful garment justice.

This dress is so perfect. Like, the most perfect 90's skater dress but with kind of a good-girl twist. It looks so good on. I'm going to wear the hell out of this!

 I also bought an amazing 50's blue and white figure-hugging striped t-shirt but forgot to photograph it.
All of this for only $30! I also developed my own film for the first time today. Sweet life.


  1. I am sooo jelly of your finds! The red and white skirt looks so amazing. Miss Chch opshopping so much, although I have some pretty good stuff from Taranaki to post eventually.

  2. I'm loving the look of the stripy blue skirt(?). What a great haul! I meant to go op shopping today, but I wussed out because it was raining haha. Maybe tomorrow.

  3. Such pretty pretty buys. Developing film is so much fun, I did a photography module at uni and the darkroom was my favourite bit :)

  4. Oooo,we likes some good opshop scoring,we does!
    You do know that lurex is the new black,don't you?!!
    I think the lurex top is my fave of all these scores!XXX

  5. I love the way you've photographed your finds - it looks really great! Love the lurex top:)

  6. Ohh, what amazing finds! <3 I am especially fond of the skirt - the red and white are truly perfect together!

    Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

  7. I love the lurex sweater. The red skirt looks great too. You're making me want to go on an op shopping expedition.


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