Crowns Clothing SS11/12!!

It seems like every entry I make lately had begun with an apology, but: sorry for being such a shithouse blogger lately. I had big plans to do a proper outfit post today, but my flu has caught up on me and rendered me unable to dress myself successfully. However, the release of the Crowns Clothing lookbook I styled a few weeks back gave me something to get very excited about. I hope you guys are as thrilled with them as we are!

Aren't they stunning? This was the most fun shoot ever, and we're all so pleased with the results. I'd like to say a big thanks to Morgan for not only opening a lot of very exciting doors for me by inviting me to style this shoot (more on that later), but also letting me sleep on her couch at an alarming frequency. Love that girl. Keep a close eye on the Crowns Clothing Etsy too, rumour has it all of this will be up for presale pretty shortly.

Clothing: Crowns Clothing
Photographs: Louise Hatton Photography
Model: Daisy @ Red11
Makeup: Grace Margaret Howarth
Hair, Styling: Georgia Rose (that's me! omg)


  1. I love the clothing! <3 You must be so proud that you were there (and helped with the hair!) Hope you're feeling better soon, I am only just getting over the flu myself!

    Lost in the Haze

  2. I love all the scallops and the peter pan collars. I hope your flu goes away soon.

  3. Looking fabulous,darl!You've done yourself proud!
    Whiskey Macs are great for flus!AND plenty of rest!xxx

  4. your styling/the lookbook is so beautiful! and the clothes are as well, i definitely want to own them all, haha.

  5. Amazing looks, love them all!

    Nicole http://www.vantagepointvintage.com/blog/

  6. It looks fantastic, Georgia, well done! And do get well soon. Just remember, it's almost spring!

  7. oh i love the setting for the lookbook! the hair styling is especially beautiful georgia!

  8. if it has a peter pan collar on it, i'm on board. no questions asked!

  9. whoa! seriously all these looks perfect! i'm in love!
    great job <3


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