Blue velvet

(Wearing a vintage velvet dress from Trademe, vintage school satchel stolen from the costume cupboard, Goldenponies oxfords, a thrifted woolen beret, misc belt and tights and a vintage rose brooch that was a gift from my friend Alex)

My brother and I went for a jaunt around some historical Canterbury homes today, and I wore this amazing vintage dress that I got for cheap on Trademe. Its label says it's 'A Rayana Production' and made in NZ, but I can't find any info on that make at all despite having a couple of dresses in my wardrobe by them, all of similar eras. There are lots of great vintage Kiwi clothing labels that I frequently come across in thrift stores, but the internet seems devoid of information on most of them which is such a shame. Anyway, I can't go past anything velvet and electric blue, but my only gripe with this dress is that the previous owner cut it short and did a truly terrible job of hemming it!

I also went thrifting this morning with my friend Steven and found woolen berets in baby blue, as seen above, and mustard yellow. This brings my beret collection to a veritable rainbow, and on chilly days like today I can barely stand to leave the house without one. Finally, today I handed in my final piece of assessment for the semester, and now only an ash cloud stands between me and drinking pina coladas by the pool in Ho Chi Minh City. Sigh.


  1. ahh. what a find. That blue! I love researching vintage lables you find on thrifted stuff. Shame you can't find anything about 'A Rayana Production'.

    You sure can pull of that beret. I have a gigantic head to berets look so silly on me.


  2. That dress is just gorgeous! What a wonderful colour, and I do love a bit of vintage velvet these days (well, not until it's fall again....) You look lovely, and a person can never have too many berets! : )

  3. so lovely! also your new lens looks like it's working well!

  4. goooorgeous dress. what an amazing find.

  5. I love the first shot! The contrast of the blue dress and hat (and blue eyes!) against the rustic background, with the peep of a blue sky in the top left corner, tying foreground and background together.

    I have a lovely mustard beret a friend gave to me, but i fear my head is too big for it. You've inspired me to pull it out of my wardrobe.

  6. I always look up the labels on vintage clothing too but you're right, there is rarely any information on New Zealand ones. That dress is gorgeous and the pictures are very pretty. I especially love the first one.

  7. Oh your dress is beautiful! I love the bright shade of blue! The house behind you looks incredible, I looove going for walks there! It's lovely how it's so overgrown but not too big a walk!


  8. I agree with Jo, that blue looks smashing on you!

    Arianne from A + B in the Sea


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