(Dress by Ruby Boutique via Trademe, thrifted beaded cardigan, grey marle tights from Myer ages ago, grey oxfords from Etsy, and tote bag by Christchurch musicians Lawrence Arabia)

There's a certain knack to getting your blog photos to look like they're taken in a woodland setting, when really it's just your local suburban park. Thankfully, my brother/photographer Will has this talent. He picked me up from university today, and after some thrifting we stopped to snap these. It seems I am going through a pink phase, as evident in the floral culottes, sheer swiss-dot blouse and 1960s swimming togs I bought today. I'm going to cut up the blouse to make a little skirt, because, as you may be able to see, it's miniscule. I just couldn't leave that amazing fabric behind for $1!

Wow, a lot of swiss dots in this post. This dress one of few new-ish items in my wardrobe, and is by New Zealand designer Ruby Boutique, from a few seasons ago. I tried it on no fewer than 10 times in store, but couldn't justify the $250 price tag that silly 16 year-old Georgia might've been able to. A month ago it popped up on Trademe (like the NZ version of eBay) for a very reasonable price though, and I decided if I still liked it after all this time it was meant to be. I'm so glad I snapped it up, I adore the little collar and layered skirt. And, inspired by Anja's latest photo shoot, I filled my hair with bobby pins to achieve this braided style.

I also wanted to point anybody who is yet to read it in the direction of this excellent article from The Guardian about the way we consume fashion and the harmful effects it has. It's really a compelling read, and brings up many points that fashion fiends are too quick to ignore for the sake of a quick fix. I've been neglecting an essay for far too long now, so I best get onto it.


  1. in love love love with your braids and your cute face! Also, that swiss dot dress WITH THAT ADORABLE COLLAR. dying.

  2. This absolutely looks like a forest and I very much enjoy all the swiss dots. Also, I read that Guardian article last weekend, and it was excellent and thought provoking. And sent me into an immediate shopping ban. ; p

  3. Ahhhh I would love that lady! I've been swooning over your blog and op shop finds since I started and if you would fly over to sf and do my hair that would be awesome too :p
    So i'm in. :)


    p.s. I hope you know (from chictopia) that i adore this whole ensamble.

  4. Incredible!
    Loved your blog, your looks, hairstyles that you do.
    I loved loved loved loved
    Do you twitter? If you follow me @lallic

  5. i adore your hair! i just re-watched harold and maude this weekend and it made me wish i still had my long hair so i could do this. perfect.

  6. OMG I LOVE that frock,cardi AND your HAIR!
    Yup,buying new fashion is not particularly good for the soul!!

  7. The dress is so pretty! I thought you were in Hagley park for a wee bit - then I saw the yellow bin! Then I clicked that you said suburban park!


  8. This dress is so pretty I am glad you finally got it, it was clearly meant to be :) The whole outfit is gorgeous!
    Also, nice buys, I love polkadots so I love the blouse you got, and the other things are lovely too!

  9. i love the dress and the braids! those braids are my go to hair do no matter what the season!
    beautiful blog!


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