Sunny Nelson

My brother Will and I spent a few days in Nelson last week, staying with our grandparents. It was a wonderful break from the sadness that is a ruined city and a condemned house. We've been antique shopping, plum picking, quad biking, bush bashing, and catching up with long-lost family members aplenty.

Upon our arrival home, we went on another adventure to a far-flung reserve on the outskirts of the city. There were plenty of late summer blackberries to be picked, and holes made in tights due to their thorns! We wore some of our garb picked up thrifting in Nelson- him a Ben Sherman shirt and me the pink dress. My grey coat is thrifted too, Logan picked it out for me from the kids' section of a Sydney thrift store. I love the peter-pan collar and navy velvet piping, although I'm the first to admit the sleeves are a little short and I can't button it. Why are kids' clothes always the cutest, like the sheer dress up above? Sigh.

Phew, so many pictures! I'm back to work tomorrow, so it'll be out with the adventuring and in with the jewellery making, at least until university starts again. And who knows when that will be!


  1. I know, vintage kids clothes are always so cute!! I love your dress with the roses, it's such a nice colour.
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  2. kids clothes for life! even though most don't fit me anymore!

  3. The dress is such a gorgeous colours! Love the coat too!
    It so lovely when you find a gem thristing!

  4. Beautiful pictures, it looks like a great trip away! I too have been in the scenario of feeling really envious of what an eight year old is wearing... no fair ha! jazzy ♥

  5. So glad I came across your blog, lovely pictures, fellow velvet obsessive, and lots of thrifted buys to pore over. You have a new follower! :) xx

  6. aaaah that dress in the window, so beautiful, and so is the one with the rosettes! I want to go for a long walk in the country now :D

  7. You two have such great style, and I adore the sheer polka dot dress pictured! :)

  8. Cute dress! Following! Follow back? :)


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