crystal visions

Me and my friend Mitchell went to the favourite haunt. I was longing for some long skirts but took a detour to the crystal shop first.

Amethyst, citrine, green quartz, oh my!
My grandmother made me a chiffon cape for my birthday, it's lovely. More pictures soon! My pink skirt was from a clothing swap.
I bought this lovely gypsy/hippy maxi skirt and a floral skirt that I plan to hem with a perfectly fitting waist! My lace top and the bustier that I'm wearing underneath were both from bad chain stores like Cotton On and Jay Jays etc, both on sale for very very cheap. I found the bullet shell necklace at a Bali import clearance for 50c!

I bought two velvet dresses (surprise). So many good nineties vibes!


  1. Those crystals!!! I swear, all the crystal shops i've been to in Southern California only have geodes are super polished stones--I wish I could find some rough gems like you've got!



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