Sweet sixteen

Last Friday, on the 26th, I turned sixteen and moved into a new house. The very next day I had a pool party to celebrate this new age and this new pool of ours! Georgia took some amazing photos. I may have turned sixteen but my inner six year old wanted nothing but a pool party, and my sixteenth was very sweet indeed.

What I wore!

Minkpink dress from Wild Pair, amazing wedges heels also from Wild Pair, Stevie Nicks & crystal necklaces were all birthday gifts, and my beautiful new Holga was a split gift from Georgia and my wonderful boyfriend!

My new home which I am totally in love with.

Georgia saved a bee from drowning in the pool!

Unflattering jumping photo! (Wearing new dress from Georgia)

Me (looking too happy) and aforementioned wonderful boyfriend yesterday:

I found the blouse, was given the velvet floral skirt, and thrifted the lace coat.
I got some beautiful gifts and was reminded very much of how lovely my friends are and how lucky I am to have friends like them! I've been shooting the summer days in my new neighbourhood with my new Holga 135BC and I'm very excited to see how the pictures turn out.
Christmas is also coming and life is sweet.


  1. you are the sweetest! i was a mess when i was sixteen, you're radiant, very envious of my lost youth!

    happy belated birthday!

  2. That pink dress is really cute. I love the sleeves on it!


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