Why does everyone say 'Hollo-ween'?

Excuse the bad quality picture of signature hands-on-hips squinty-eye-smile pose, I just wanted to show you all my flicky curly 70s hair! Also a sneak peek of this gorgeous 70s dress.

I dressed up as Stevie Nicks for halloween (surprise!) but I didn't wear this dress. I ended up in a purple witchy tie-dyed dress but instead of a party like was planned, I went to my boyfriend's house and we watched movies instead.
I wish I'd taken photos, because I had wonderful purple dark eye make-up that made me look like I'd been punched in the eye!


But once a year

)Now that the ads are on TV, it's official. Christmas is coming. And even though the pressure of buying and making good presents for people crushes my spirit a ton and sends me into hyper panic stress overdrive, I'm still sort of really excited.

Not so much because of Christmas, but the end of the university year (in five days hell yeah) means the start of full-time work. Which means the start of a comparatively massive income for me. Which means freedom to waste my money on crap that I don't need, but think is super cute.

My wishlist, as of late, is lengthy and embarrassing:

Lilac goldenponies oxfords

Meadowlark serpent bow necklace

Blue Ribbon slim camera. Because if there's one thing I need, it's more cameras!

The Japanese dress-pattern book I have read so much about and am desperate to get my hands on!

Fifi Lapin brooch

Fruit print dress (don't beat me to this guys! please!)

Illuminated moon

Wolf ring

And a nice, cheap apartment in the city with big windows and a little garden. Har har.

I'm off thrifting now, re-hashing this outfit from a long-ago adventure:

Vintage thrifted 70s dress ($2!), Zara cardigan, scarf that I knitted and black second-hand Chucks.


Platforms, velvet & laces oh my!

To anyone out there living in New Zealand I'm selling these gorgeous (too small) boots on Trademe!
I'm selling these to buy some like THIS:
Jeffrey Campbell, god of wonderful shoes.

Or these amazing 70s platform boots! From etsy.
Velvet Doc Martens! $380 from Ruby Boutique, so in love.
Kurt Geiger velvet wedges!
Floral platform heels (but in black)! $160 from Street Legal.

It's my birthday in less than a month so who knows if one of these pairs will be on my feet sometime soon...



Oh, I found my USB cord. Cool.

In a field at my boyfriend's place in an Urban Renewal dress, my blister shoes, and sunglasses that I got for around 80 cents in a market in Hanoi, Vietnam.

I'd really love to have a functional, reliable, good-quality camera to call my own. I adore film, but it's got so expensive here! So I'm considering buying a Canon EOS 350d or 400d. Does anybody have experience with either of these? Any words of wisdom or other DSLR recs for me? I'm looking to spend $500-600 and will definitely get it second-hand regardless of model.



As a child and preteen, I, like most other girls my age, had a very strong love for Hilary Duff! She was my inspiration for a large part of my childhood, so this evening I decided to pay homage to my former idol and record this cover of one of her songs. This song was from her very first album, Metamorphosis, and I listened to it religiously!

At the age of about nine she became my style icon, and the outfits she wore on Lizzie McGuire were fantastic back then (unfortunately, terrible now).

I'm a sucker for cheesy popstars!


Made in Dagenham

Tonight I met up with my dear friend Hannah to go to a movie.

Having a vast array of semi-functional cameras is great. My photography attempt was a fail.

My new shoes, part of the haul from my nomadic father's latest stint in Omaha, were also a fail. Blisters ahoy!

In case you can distinguish anything in the blurs:
Skirt - vintage
Top - so old I've forgotten
Cardigan - Zara
Belt - thrifted
Shoes - Urban Outfitters
Bag - a 50s school satchel I stole from the costume cupboard at my old high school. Shhhhh.

On my way to the theatre I spied a duck on a man's head. This one's for you, Rachael.

We saw Made in Dagenham, and it was truly great! Combining three of my interests (Britain, feminism and the 60s) it was brimming with stereotypes and clothing I would do bad, bad things for.

God, those hot pants!


Black velvet

This photo is from my father's 50th a few weeks ago, this is me and my boyfriend dressed to the 'scary' theme!
This dress is amazing, it is floor-length high-quality black velvet, strapless and thrifted for only $16! I hadn't worn it since I'd bought it so when my father told me the theme I knew instantly that this would be the dress. The little hat was $4 from an cheap junk shop, and the chandelier necklace was $5 at an outlet store.



Teen vitamins!

Today, despite sickness and temporary hail, me and Georgia went on a thrifting adventure! We had plans to head to an amazing opshop in Linwood (for the protection of cats!) but I arrived late and with a head cold so we headed to our wonderful favourite instead.

Georgia is incapable of keeping her eyes open due to loss of sunglasses.
Dress - eBay (note from Georgia- do not engage in a bidding war with me because I will win even if it involves a whole week's paycheck)
Cardigan - Zara
Satchel - stolen from the costume cupboard
Shoes - Chinatown in Sydney

Coat - Melbourne markets
Dress - Two Squirrels vintage
Boots - amazing little thrift store on Colombo St that closed down!

I got this wonderful Stevie Nicks-esque top and I ADORE it. I feel like a goddess wearing it!

I didn't buy this! It was wonderful fabric but such a funny cut.

Georgia can't stop buying 80s-does-the-40s dresses.
Sorry for such blurry pictures. My expensive camera sometimes just hates me.


Some photos from Oli's Nikon FG, from our spring-break-iced-tea-haircut-salt-and-vinegar gathering a couple of weeks ago. I am allowed to post these because I took half of them- sorry Oli.

Steven is resident hair-cutter whenever he's home. Also Oli dropped the camera and the back came off.

Grainy Oli and Logan.

Paige conquering her fear of opening the champagne, or something.

Steven has this amazing faceted glass paperweight that we always end up taking photos through! It's like Holga filters for cheapskates.

Alex and I love chips. She made her beautiful dress, and I got mine thrifting with Christie last summer.

The gang. Yay.


Creative mood!

Today I got a little inspired and I made this crop top out of the bottom of a dress that I hemmed! Sorry for the exposed thigh and awkward pose, my life is stupid to me sometimes and I find it hard to get a good photo of myself.


Gypsy parties

I went to a gypsy/hippie themed party last night at an amazing arty gypsy den in Lyttelton and unfortunately the tie on my skirt broke halfway through but it was still fantastic! You can't see my glittery purple make-up very well in the photos but it was extremely glittery and purple.

Crop top - somewhere stupid & chain-store-ish
Skirt - thrifted
Shoes - none! who needs them

(usual tights, crystal necklace & rings)


Teddy bear?

When I got dressed this morning my mother insulted me on my choice of outfit, but I love this brown crushed velvet dress!

Dress - thrifted & cut
Shoes - Windsor Smith from Shoe Connection
Belt - from my grandmother
Jewellery - same as last post!
Tights - same old black tights

I'm not usually a fan of wedges but I love these and they're so comfortable. They look a lot better in real life!


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Dress - Dangerfield, I had to take 3 buses and get completely lost in Sydney to get it, but it was worth it.
Coat - Madame Hawke, from Ruby.
Brain - ded.


Outfit post!

Dress - thrifted
(I'm wearing a black lace slip that Georgia bought for me underneath!)
Belt - free from a factory second store
Tights - the Warehouse

Jewellery: rings all from India, glass bottle necklace from misc. jewellery store, crystal from a friend, religious bracelet from cheap junky store, wish bracelets from Gipzys, unknown brown bead bracelet

Me and Georgia went on a short thrifting adventure yesterday in the hot weather but neither of us brought a camera as it was a bit impromptu. I bought this sweet nineties button-down dress with a crazy print from Savemart and I love it!
Sorry for poor quality pictures!


Dot dot dot

I, like many others, like The Like. Although I love their old music a lot more than that of the new lineup, their wonderfully cohesive aesthetic never ceases to inspire me.

(Images from here)

This picture of Tennessee Thomas, looking amazing as usual with her swiss-dotted sleeves, reminded me of one of my recent purchases from Two Squirrels Vintage. Its owners, Warren and Vanessa, also of Tete-a-Tete Vintage, have kept my wardrobe bulging with their amazing quality and reasonably priced vintage for around 6 years now. They're by far the best vintage in Christchurch, and unfailingly helpful and lovely.

Puffy sleeves, bows, lime green and polka dots are amongst my favourite things, so this dress is perfection. I wore this yesterday to eat a whole kilogram of pistachios with my boyfriend, and hang out with his grandparents. Also I found an old digital camera buried in the depths of our study, please excuse my inability to work it.

Dress - Two Squirrels Vintage
Tights - my last pair without ladders! Until I can afford some more non-sweatshop American Apparel ones, this is it.
Shoes - ?

Today is the day my family return from Vietnam/Singapore/wherever else they're been, so I'm taking a break from cleaning frantically to post this.

Excuse my hunchback and sullen expression. Being up since 5 am does this to me.

My vintage floral Docs are my absolute favourite shoes ever. Originally purchased by Andrea, and coming to me via Hannah, they're amazing quality and were such a steal. I lusted after them for ages on eBay etc, and never thought of finding a reasonably priced pair in my size.

Dress - vintage, bought online
Tights - the usual
Cardigan - thrifted, 50c
Shoes - vintage Docs

I hope you are all well etc. x
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